The Road to Endurance

Lucky Dog Racing League® Powered By Hankook is a “for racers, by racers” community born out of the desire to offer competitive yet safe, fun and affordable, wheel-to-wheel endurance racing without the usual barriers to entry…complex rules and the need to have a trust fund.

“The most rewarding part of this adventure is putting a new driver behind the wheel for the first time – regardless of age or level,” states Lucky Dog CEO Cathy McCause Fuss. “I have personally experienced how racing can be a truly life-changing experience. In our house, motorsports has been the glue that keeps this family together. Lucky Dog promotes and embraces a family-friendly environment and a sense of community with all our drivers, crews, spectators and team fan clubs.”

Road to Endurance Workshop

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Lucky Dog is driving change in the motorsports world by involving more young girls. In order to do that we need your change! Our DRIVE Fundraiser will fund our new online programs that we are bringing to our community of middle school and high school students to keep them connected during COVID-19 (so needed!) and beyond. With four different workshops and one camp planned for the remaining four months of 2020, we need your support!

Your donations drive change…your daughters, nieces, friend’s children have the chance to join a community of young girls who are the next Einsteins, the future Jessie Combs, the creators, the fabricators and all-around great women who will lead the world into the next big thing.

What does Athena Racing provide for them? A club, community and safe space for them to become themselves. Athena Racing’s “Road to Endurance” Workshop is where they start….


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Yes mam, girls only. Get verified, get registered and get ready. COVID is keeping us apart, but we Lucky Dogs know how to gather and create a great pack!

Workshop 1

October 21


Learn what it takes to bring a race team together to be ready for one day of testing and two days of racing on a desert race track – the management, team planning, car preparation and 105 degree temperatures.  See what it takes to get a car and the team to the track. What do you have to pack? How many people travel on one team?

Workshop 2

October 28


Some teams come to the track with a car that is ready to race. Some teams bring a car and plenty of spare parts knowing that they will endure long nights of repairs to have their car ready for the race the next day. Go behind-the-scenes at the track to see what pit row is like on the nights before the race starts and during the day when temperatures and attitudes get hot.

Workshop 3

November 4


What does it take to create the race experience? While the drivers get the glory, it’s the crew behind the scenes that make it happen. Do you like taking an idea and making it real? Learn how Cathy McCause Fuss brings an event to life that involves 400+ drivers, 200+ crew members, and the structure that her management team provides.

Workshop 4

November 11


“Mr. Mike the Car Guy,” the Team Director of  USA Racing, will take you into the pit to experience 15 hours of endurance racing. From testing the car on practice day to driving the line and hitting the perfect apex on race days you will see what it is like on pit road. It’s a hurry up and wait situation for the team, but for the driver, it’s two hours of intense driving.

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Deadline for Verification & Registration is October 11th.



A Lucky Dog is the closest lapped driver to the front of the field to gain back a lap when a caution is called.

That makes you want to watch more races, doesn’t it? Well, Lucky Dog makes it easy to get on the track. As the endurance racing league that doesn’t require a trust fund, racers spend more time in the seat during a Lucky Dog race than any other racing series. More time than F1. Really.