High octane fuel is in Loxley’s blood.

Loxley’s love of automobiles began as a tween-ager. At the age of 12, she announced she was going to become a designer. She did just that and has since designed everything from interiors, to landscapes, to furniture, to consumer products.

But the pinnacle of iconic design, the siren song that has beckoned her ever since those formative years, is the Porche 911. It’s sleek lines and impeccable engineering lit a passion for automobiles that cannot be extinguished.
It is that love of automobiles, combined with her business acumen, marketing skills, and intense devotion, that serves as the driving force behind Athena Racing. With degrees in Design, Education, and Entrepreneurship & Innovation, she utilizes her broad skillset and spirit to ignite the excitement of learning. Athena establishes a fun platform from which to learn STEM principles and will open young minds to all the possibilities that lay before them.

Loxley is a member of the San Diego Women In STEM ecosystem. She has volunteered with the Veterans Museum to chair the kidFUNfest, and volunteers with La Jolla Concours d’Elegance, as well as TEDx in Southern California.

Over the past decade, she has worked in the non-profit sector producing events for American Cancer Society, Make-a-Wish, and Easter Seals; she has led an experiential marketing campaign around the world through five countries, and has been on the founding teams creating buzz and traction for multiple startups across multiple sectors.

Now she is on the starting grid with Athena Racing. Watch the team grow as she champions young ladies who are primed to race towards the finish line and demolish the status quo.

teachings of a Mentor


“Every conversation I have begins with, “How did you come up with this idea?” For me, the need for Athena was obvious. I have been the only woman in the room my entire career. Nothing about that is easy. With the number of teenagers in my life who come to me for help on the big decisions, I knew I could make a difference in some young lives, change entrenched mindsets, and disrupt the status quo.”

– Loxley Browne



Leading by example, we are surrounding the team with mentors, teaching with real-life experiences, and giving them hands-on projects. They will get to see and experience ideas coming to life. Some will fail, but failure teaches. Some won’t win the competition but will learn how to be a graceful participant. Everything that we are doing is reality. Don’t think we don’t love winning, we do. And everyone should. The task that is the hardest is being graceful in your accomplishments… that is what we celebrate.



In the past 10-months, I have fast-tracked a start-up educational corporation, Athena Racing, into formation as a nonprofit STEM extra-curricular program. Received IRS 501(c)3 designation in a record-setting two weeks; developed all business and marcom structure; secured 20+ community partners; received premiere media placement on ABC, CBS, TODAY, Hot Rod Magazine, The Drive and more; recruited the inaugural team; and finished our first fiscal year under budget with reserves.



As a business industry innovator, I have spent the past decade leading start-up companies through R&D, branding, company organization, marketing development, PR campaigns, investor presentations and product launch. I thrive on leading team members to align efforts with marketing, public relations, brand management, product development and business strategies.



Won the International Photography Award presented by the Lucie Foundation, Gold Honorable Mention. Editorial feature published in Cosmopolitan for my creation and design of a card game, published in two Modern Luxury magazines for residential Interior Design projects, published in House to Home for Furniture Design. IIDA award won for the Comcast Data Center commercial design project.

Athena Racing is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization #84-2096687. Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.                                  © 2019 Athena Racing

Athena Racing is a STEM Education extracurricular program for young ladies in high school and gap year who are pursuing careers in the Automotive, Motorsports and Transporation industries.