How do you lead through chaos?!?


Guess what folks, we’re doing it. You, me, your kids, the grocer, the mailman who waves with a big smile, the bus driver, my 90 year-old neighbor who hollars a hello from the porch. We are ALL leading through chaos.

This has happened before in our lifetime and career, and we lived through it. The Reagan years. The bust of the ’90’s. The Gulf Wars. 9-11. The Great Recession …. and now Coronavirus.

But how did we get through it? What was that spark, the intensity, the willpower that drove us to succeed?

These are the stories to inspire you; from women, men, all walks of life, a variety of business sectors with the tenacity and verve to overpower the toughest of times.

Leaders are born during the toughest of times. The world changes and we, leaders, approach the change with the mindset to win.

Click a picture and get inspired.

Yes, times are tough. Yes, the world will be different once we make it through this. Yes, we will change. No, this isn’t easy.

You’ll find a story here that will resonate with you, inspire you, make you smile when you’re having a down day, and may make you teary-eyed because you understand oh-so-well how tough it was for that storyteller.

Pull up a chair, pick a story and get started!

Finding Growth During Disaster

Diane Miller RN said she found the inspiration to start her career from her mother. Miller was raised by her single mother who struggled with a mental illness. Despite having a mental illness, Miller’s mother taught her to have gratitude and to always give people a...

A Life Coach on Transformation During Chaos

Every morning Diane Forster hops out of bed, starfishes her arms and legs, looks up and says, “I have today to love my life! Something really good is going to happen to me today! I can feel it! Miracles, big and small, I notice them all! Yes, yes, yes! Thank you!” She...

She Left Her World to Lead in a New One

After attending an open house at a trade school in her home country, Singapore, Ruishan Chow found the motivation to move to Canada. Chow left her home in pursuit of a better life for her mother and her, and to explore the world. She left without any comforts of...

Introducing the “Leaders in a Time of Chaos” Series

Leaders are born during times like these.   We are all at a critical period in time when our WHY is more important than ever. Life as we knew it has been stripped away, taking us back to the basics. Health, shelter, food, and relationships are the most important...

Our team needs your story!

How have you handled chaos in the past? What story can you share that will help our teenagers face what we are dealing with now and learn and grow?

Share your story here. We have a variety of questions, you pick and answer your favorites, and our team will put your article together.

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