Kelly Oberle is a leadership development expert. She founded Access Human Potential after an extensive career working in sales and marketing management for high tech companies. 

Access Human Potential works with both corporate and athletic organizations to help build resilience, increase emotional intelligence, and enhance performance for teams, individuals, coaches, and administrators. With a strategic focus on positive psychology, breathwork and mindfulness, the goal is to help create an environment that allows individuals and teams to perform at their highest potential.

Personally, Kelly grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and has been involved in athletics since her childhood. She played Division 1 softball at Northwestern University, where she graduated with a degree in Organizational Studies.

She has coached High School Varsity Softball and been a volunteer coach for a variety of youth sports leagues over the years. In addition, she has run softball camps, speed and agility and conditioning programs for children ages 6 – 18. She also created a “fun fitness” program that focuses on helping kids be active and improve coordination, balance, endurance, and confidence in themselves and their abilities to perform.

Over the years, Kelly realized that stress had been affecting her both personally and professionally. She started investigating breathwork, mindfulness and various stress management strategies. She found that learning tools and techniques to control breathing, increase mindfulness and improve self-regulation helped her to be more productive, successful, and healthier. She has been certified in HeartMath and has extensive training in emotional intelligence, VIA Character Strengths, HBDI, DiSC and positive psychology.

Kelly has a BS in Organizational Studies from Northwestern University and a MA in Leadership from University of Redlands.

She has 3 children and lives the trials and tribulations of balancing personal and professional worlds every day.