John has experience in the education world specializing in mentoring young men and women whom want to make careers in the automotive industry. He is a born and raised San Diego native whose passion for automobiles can be tracked back to his pre-professional days restoring old muscle cars with his father and grandfather, both who have professional backgrounds in the motorsports and aviation industries.

Taking automotive in high school led him to compete in SkillsUSA and the National Automotive Technology Challenges. Directly out of high school, at the age of 18, he joined Honda’s Professional Automotive Career program leading him to work for Honda of Carlsbad as a technician. He was later asked to join the Advanced Transportation Team at San Diego Miramar college where he specializes in Targeted Recruitment and internship management.

Like most gear heads after full day of work he is found elbow deep under the hood of his Classic 1967 Chevelle Super Sport, one of his current resto-projects. John is enthusiastic to provide any support possible to this impressive all women’s racing team.

teachings of a Mentor


“Athena racing is important due to the fact women need to be respected and given the same rights and privileges as men. The social barriers and mindset that the automotive industry is just for men are ridiculous. The moral values that Athena represents are the reason why I am honored to support the women of Athena.”

-John Loewenberg



I am in the business of changing people’s lives. I am proud to be in the education industry. My goal is to mentor students in career level positions within the automotive industry. Most people don’t realize that the automotive industry incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. My motto is “Dirty Hands, Clean Money”.



Managing effective pathways with K1-K12 Schools Technical and non-technical

Manufacture relations with Toyota Technical Network (T-TEN).

Manufacture relations with Professional Automotive Career Training (PACT).

Manufacture relations with MOPAR CAP.

Manufacture relations with Ford. (Pending school approval)

Manufacture relations with regional dealership associations. Such as Sunroad Automotive, Penske, Hoehn Corporation, Mossy, DCH, Norman Reeves, Rogers & Rogers. 

Miramar College student retention and career level job placement.



ASE A4 Suspension & Steering

ASE A5 Braking systems

ASE A6 Electrical/ Electronic Systems

ASE A7 Heating & Air Conditioning

ASE A8 Engine Performance

Chemical Hygiene Prevention (Hazmat)

S/P2 Automotive Service Safety

S/P2 Automotive Service Pollution Prevention

S/P2 Supervisor’s Course

S/P2 Land That Job: Building a Resume

S/P2 Land That Job: Interview Skills for Automotive Students

S/P2 Ethics and YOU in the Automotive Industry

S/P2 Time for a Team Huddle! Running Successful Team Meetings


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Athena Racing is a STEM Education extracurricular program for young ladies in high school and gap year who are pursuing careers in the Automotive, Motorsports and Transporation industries.