Leaders are born during times like these.


We are all at a critical period in time when our WHY is more important than ever. Life as we knew it has been stripped away, taking us back to the basics.

Health, shelter, food, and relationships are the most important aspects on everyone’s mind. Wondering “how?!?” in a time of not knowing and no-end-in-sight adds stress and anxiety to all – adults and teenagers. Our teenagers, who are entering adulthood during a global crisis.

We adults have lived through national and global catastrophes before. At the time, we had doubts, concerns and moments of sheer panic. Amazingly enough, we survived!

The stories that we introduce to you each week come from adults who want to share their stories so that our younger generations can earn from their endeavours. 

Join us on this journey. Share your story. Pass our link along so that others can experience the hope, belief and resolute spirit of others.

We at Athena Racing will make it through this stronger and more resilient than ever. Our team of students – high school and college – are working together to keep each other stay motivated and inspired. We hope that the stories and activities that we share will do the same for you.

Our team needs your story!


How have you handled chaos in the past? What story can you share that will help our teenagers face what we are dealing with now and learn and grow?

Share your story here. We have a variety of questions, you pick and answer your favorites, and our team will put your article together.

Please share hope by sharing our “Leaders in a Time of Chaos” articles and our sharable social media quotes below.

Our Story

Championing Young Ladies Who Are Demolishing the Staus Quo!

Life doesn’t stop, racing doesn’t stop.

Pascal Zurlinden