Being a girl does not mean – Getting ready all day, specializing in chores and meals, and acting oblivious. It’s way more than that. Buckle up! At Athena racing, an all-Girls camp, we value those interested in STEM career paths, I mean it is 2020.

Loxley Brown, Founder & CEO of Athena Racing, had inspired everyone over the dozens of lessons we’ve covered, and all of her hard work put into each week’s itinerary. The itinerary usually consisted of listening to adults or our interviewees in the stem field and asking questions. We guessed car parts with Mr. Mike, the director of Athena Racing, this kept us in-check and focused. We watched interesting videos of experts doing their job in the field and visiting intriguing places with them, and of course, working on those contests! 

We’ve covered topics like marketing, photography, etiquette, leadership, entrepreneurship, safety, public speaking, driving, mechanics, wellness, and more. We focus on pursuing careers in the STEM field along with Racing. 

As FAB is an online camp, we have to research and compete to win and participate in weekly contests. These contests are full of different opportunities because if you are weaker in a different field you can practice the skill, but also have the chance to win at something you are more capable of doing. It is crucial to take advantage of such a fascinating opportunity. Girls as young as 6 are furthering themselves and their knowledge in the stem field. 

Move over! These successful interviewees sit on the driver’s side. One of my favorite parts was interviewing empowering women in the race field. Many women struggle with support in a male-dominated industry. These include getting dirty looks to playing dirty on the track. These women pushed through and are more successful than the average man in their careers. Tegan Hammond, a stunt driver, talked about doing a scene on a popular TV-show. One of the characters heard she would be doing the stunt and discredited her with a look. That did not discourage Hammond, she pulled off the stunt and proved them wrong. Another Christina Yam has had her hardships on the track, but they never set her back. They definitely made her stronger and smarter. Yam has learned that to be a great driver you need to understand the track, your car, how fast you can go, and what safety precautions you follow to be safer. She explained that when accelerating, the weight transfers to the rear of the vehicle. Another key factor is knowing your turn on the track. Will you exit slowly and enter fast? Which apex do you use? The late apex is, turning later, leading you into a later braking zone than your competitor. An early apex is when you enter fast, straighten your car out, but slowly exit.   She was very intricate with everything she covered. 

We’ve also been participating in building a drift trike with the Athena team. Each week we would go over a specific part of the trike such as putting the trike together, learning the pieces, understanding how to make pieces fit, correct diagram measurements, the progress and how each step is vital, and of course making the design which we even got to see Loxley do the test drive! 

A positive factor I’d like to address is the fantastic job Athena has done for the camp. Currently, the US is in a global pandemic. Everyone’s plans had changed due to quarantining, more kids are home and online learning. The FAB team put time and effort into making a camp for girls all around the country to participate in rare opportunities. I have never seen a harder working group of people who found their passion and use it to pursue their dreams and spread positivity.  

This is a FABulous Camp where girls worldwide can discover their passion in the car industry. It has built confidence and motivated other girls and me to never give up. It taught us what other career options we have if we are interested in cars such as design, marketing, or just being in the front seat. This camp allowed so many females to grow and further themselves beyond school.

ARTICLE WRITTEN BY: Megan Doshi, Student Advisory Board 

“Having role models who are the same gender as you, who look like you, who came from a similar background as yours, can go a long way.”

-Alisha Ramos