A camp for girls in middle and high school that teaches them about cars? A camp that excites girls and makes them look forward to the next camp day? A camp that is filled with tons of educational content but is also really really fun? If all of these sound the least bit interesting to you, then you are going to LOVE Athena Racing’s Online FAB Camp.

One of the amazing guest speakers at FABcamp 2020 sharing his experience in the auto industry. 

When I first joined this camp, I didn’t really have a love for cars nor did I really know much about them, their inner workings, and the many different types and models. I just joined knowing that I love STEM and I wanted to learn more. From the first day of FAB camp on July 1st to the last day on July 29th, my month was filled with fun and interesting assignments and weekly classes. This camp also helped me stay connected to other people during this time of quarantine. I was able to meet a great group of girls with similar interests as me and learn about so much together. 

Not only did we learn a ton about cars and drifting trikes, but we also learned about other topics such as driving, leadership, public speaking, photography, entrepreneurship, and more. What I joined for STEM reasons turned out to teach me so much more. We learned about all of the above topics and we also got to hear from so many professionals. Week 1 we heard from a design consultant for a car company that got to work with all the materials and colors that would eventually be part of a car. Week 2 we got to hear from a professional stunt driver that drives for television, social media, commercials, and movies which were just so cool. I never knew that that was an actual job and she really amazed me. Week 3 we heard from a current young female racecar driver. Week 4 was a graduate student at Michigan Technological University. Finally, on week 5, we heard from two women who are on the same team for this year’s Rebelle Rally. One is an aspiring professional racing driver, while the other is a navigator. These people were really inspiring and it was so astounding to listen to them. 

One of the ways Athena Racing motivated us to participate in various assignments was holding competitions. We had several different competitions and there were always prizes for the winners. Some of the competitions were a T-shirt design competition, interviewing someone famous, and even creating our dream car collection. There were also several others. To make sure we were engaged, there was also the occasional quiz based on parts of the weekly zoom meeting that we were supposed to take notes on. 

I think that one of my favorite parts of this camp was virtually viewing different private car collections each week. It was fascinating to see all the different styles of collections as well as the wide range of types of cars. I definitely got an idea about what cars I might want in the future…

Overall, I am really glad that I got the opportunity to be part of this camp and I truly enjoyed every minute of it. I would definitely recommend it to someone. Thank you Athena Racing for letting me part of something so amazing. 

ARTICLE WRITTEN BY: Mihika, Student Advisory Board

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty

-Henry Ford