We know there are many options when it comes to end of year giving. Before making a decision, consider a donation – big or small – to  Athena Racing’s STEM Education program for girls. With your help, we’re educating our future female technicians, racers, engineers, speakers and leaders.

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Girls of all ages, ethinic and racial backgrounds are interested in pursuing STEM careers. However, the highest percentage of female mechanical engineers is 17%. Even though college classrooms nationwide are filled with eager students pursuing STEM degrees, 52% being female, only 29% make it into the workforce. Why is it that only 3% of STEM Industry CEOs are women?


A typical STEM worker earns two-thirds more than those employed in other fields, according to Pew Research Center. Yet, some of the highest-earning STEM occupations, such as computer science and engineering, have the lowest percentages of women workers.


The great news is that STEM jobs are destined to grow 13% between 2012 to 2022 and that the auto industry experienced a 17% job growth in the past decade. What those stats don’t include are the alternative energy, gamification, and technology fields related to transportation which are seeing explosive growth and opportunities.


Athena Racing’s VISION is to see a female in every level of business who helps to drive transportation and humankind forward. Our MISSION is to put young girls in the driver’s seat of their future STEM career in engineering, design, fabrication, and business related to the transportation industries on land, sea and air.


Athena Racing programs improve the confidence and essential skills of our members, who are young girls in grades 6-12, so that they are better prepared for life and their budding career.


Athena Racing is a girls-only program to provide a safe space for them to learn, explore, question, and occasionally fail – with the support of STEM role models who will show them how to use that failure as a learning process. 


We teach essential life skills and career development with interactive and creative methods to stimulate curiosity and expose STEM career opportunities… using a racecar. 

Since my early childhood, I have always been passionate about cars and the mechanics behind how things work. I come from a heavily immigrant-populated town. When people are walking down the streets and see a fancy car everyone talks about it. Let me rephrase that, only males are incorporated in this conversation. When a female starts to even murmur about cars she is automatically put down. I have been one of those females. I deserve this opportunity, as I want to be given the resources to learn and strive off of the information being given to me. I want to see and be mentored by big names in the industry. I want to grow off of their experiences and enrich my own journey in the STEM field. I want to dive into a passion of mine and make a dream a reality.


DRIVE Scholar

Together we will make it possible for young girls to become better educated and confident in their decision to pursue a STEM-related career in the automotive, motorsports and transportation industries. Athena Racing welcomes and recognizes any contribution and will send a letter you can use as proof of your contribution.