FABCamp 2021


meher athena racing student



One special moment I had in FAB camp was working with other members to come up with ideas for the HomeBottie. I experienced the power of a good brainstorm session and what it felt like to work with other people to come up with some genius ideas. 

I am an Athenian because I believe that the Athena Racing program is a perfect opportunity for me to find out what STEM related subjects I enjoy and have a fun time learning about so many new things. Athena Racing has helped me become a better, stronger person by introducing me to new people and new topics in STEM to explore. 

meher athena racing student


mihika athena racing student



One thing that I love about STEM is that it gives you the freedom to do almost anything you want. Say you want to build your own personal robot…with science, technology, engineering, and math, you can build and program a robot for yourself. Likewise, STEM lets you be creative and do and build whatever you want, which is what I love about it. 

I really enjoy computer science because I love programming and finding creative, systematic, and logical solutions to problems. I find computer science really exciting because it allows me to figure out solutions to problems or goals and then actually make and test them using various programming languages. 

meher athena racing student


anaya athena racing student



One thing that I love about the ever-growing field of STEM is that it has no boundaries or limits.  STEM is what we make it and what we decide it entails.  For instance, a particular aspect of STEM that I really enjoy is graphic design, which includes both technology and art. 

I am an Athenian because I love to take on new challenges, and I want to spread awareness about women in STEM.  This is important because often, girls in particular, don’t have the opportunity to unleash their full potential and do what they want to because of their gender.  However, as an Athenian I hope to encourage young girls my age that it’s okay to and that they shouldn’t be afraid about “getting their hands dirty.”

meher athena racing student