Dominic Cicero




Dominic currently resides in beautiful Coachella Valley and was born and raised in the NW outside Portland, Oregon. Dominic began his motorsports career, as many racing drivers have, in karting. At the young age of 8, he built his first kart with his father in their garage. By the age of 16, he had won three national championships. Soon after, Dominic was given the opportunity of a lifetime to compete in the Winfield racing schools Pilote ELF in France. Winfield racing school produced such Formula 1 drivers as Alain Prost, Olivier Panis and Patrick Tambay. 

Dominic excelled in this highly competitive environment, despite a significant language and cultural barrier. He went on to win the 1998 Winfield Pilote Elf Competition by the largest margin in history of the competition. Historically, fifty percent of the winners move onto F1. This event launched his career to an international level and he signed with Elf Oils and Renault to compete in the 1999 prestigious La Filiere Campus Championship. Le Filiere was a boarding school for up-and-coming drivers from around the globe. Alumni were names that included Frank Montagny, Sebastien Bourdais, Patrick Friesacher and Ryo Fakuda.

Fourth in the championship and negotiating for the factory La Filiere F3 ride for the following year, his personal life came crashing down. Dominic was informed that his father was diagnosed with cancer, only two years after his mother had passed from cancer. With his career at an all time high, Dominic still chose to travel back home and take care of his father and their family business. 

Determined to continue his racing career, He found some investors to compete in the UK Formula Renault Winter and the North American Renault series. Competing against the best young racers from around the world, Dominic began to relearn the skills he had developed earlier in his career in France.  He had two significant wins in Mexico City and Phoenix, becoming the only American driver to win in the series. Dominic again aimed high for the next season, with no funding and only a few personal connections from his earlier days in Europe, he reconnected with some managers from Elf Oil and Credit Suisse. With their help, he negotiated to compete in the Formula Renault 3.5 Championship with the unofficial Sauber F1 Jr. team. Funding was secured for half the season. While the budget did not allow a full season, Dominic faced world-class competition in the fastest and most technically advanced Junior Formula class in the world at the time. Dominic delivered continuous solid performances with minimal financing or support afforded by other drivers. 

Over the next few years, the journey man racer had the opportunity to drive for numerous teams while coaching and expanded his background in events and the business of motorsports. Funding always being the issue for the lack of competing. 

In 2017 a different opportunity presented itself over a chance meeting while coaching some drivers in the Ferrari Challenge series. The job was Chief Driving Instructor at the Thermal Club. In that role, he has helped to develop and shape the Club into what it is today, the ultra-exclusive and premier driving facility in the world. While working at the Club, he had the opportunity to reconnect with past partners and meet new ones that have restarted his racing career. He has since competed in a partial season in the 2019 Formula 3 USA and finished 2nd in the 2020 IMSA Prototype Challenge Series Championship. 

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