During Covid-19 it’s been really hard staying connected to people and sometimes you just feel you are on your own island with no one else. This is definitely a problem because if you don’t see anyone for a while you can get depressed and just plain lonely. I have been looking for online camps to join so I can stay connected during the summer. When my sister told me about the Athena Racing Camp I thought it was a great way to stay connected, learn, and have fun. Right when I joined I loved it. It was awesome how there were so many girls just like me who were interested in technology and engineering. I have always felt in my school that I was alone because all the other girls wanted to be fashion designers and hair stylists, but that is way opposite of what I want to do. 

The first week was a little difficult because of the internet going down and Zoom not working, but after I got everything figured out I was all set. There are so many assignments to keep you busy so you don’t get bored and Ms. Loxley is awesome at getting back to you if you have any questions. We have a Zoom meeting every Wednesday that is four hours long. You get three 15 minute breaks during Zoom calls to go to the bathroom, grab a snack, chat with people on the call, etc. What I do the night before Wednesdays I print out the sheets we need for class and make sure all my assignments are turned in on time. Each Wednesday there are three new speakers you get to talk to and listen to the story of their career.  

During the rest of the week, people would probably think we would get bored with only one Zoom call, but we do not! There are lots of assignments and fun activities you can do during the week. When I say assignments people would probably think of school, but trust me this is nothing like school! Everything involved in this camp is just plain fun and a great learning experience. 

During Zoom calls, we listen to the speakers, and while they are talking we take notes on what they are saying. After each Zoom call, there is a little fun test that is put out. We have to answer 3-4 questions and then we see the number of points we get based on how well we did. There are also fun questions about the weekly activities. In the question of the week, you get to ask our main speaker a question. The best question for the week gets a $10 gift card. There are also super cool little prizes for other fun activities. But it’s not about what we win, it’s about what we learn.

 Since I joined Athena Racing I have learned so much I had no clue about. We got to learn about a trike and all the different parts, about all the cool jobs our main speakers had, about how a car works, and how female empowerment in technology is so important. This camp is a top choice and is an experience I will never forget.


ARTICLE WRITTEN BY: Ocean Tice, Student Advisory Board

The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.

-Leonardo da Vinci