When Diane Miller reflects upon her career, she thinks of it as a series of “passion projects,” where she has always followed her intuition and made decisions that maximize her expertise. Her focus is on partnering with others who want to make the world a better place. She also recognizes that fun and adventure are key to life/career balance and overall health. She taught her daughters that money and opportunities will follow if you pursue your passions.

After a rewarding career in health care, finance and sports, Diane started her own consulting business, launched her daughters to college, and moved to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Meeting Athenians and joining the Board of Directors has been a perfect partnership.         

In college, Diane found her love for the sciences. As she worked on her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Nursing, she tutored other students and implemented health programs in her community. She also received her college’s first international travel scholarship where she traveled to the Middle East to represent American nurses among health care leaders from 92 countries. Diane’s college experience, where mentors supported and challenged her, fueled her career and her strong belief in human potential. She also learned the importance of gratitude and giving back. 

Career leadership positions came quickly to Diane. After earning her degree, she returned to her stomping grounds of Southern California. Within the organizations of the University of California Hospital System, Vista Hill Foundation, local law enforcement agencies, the American Red Cross and Scripps Health Care, she held positions as a supervisor, manager, director, and regional director. She developed, implemented and managed programs including disaster mental health services, addiction programs for high risk youth and adults, home care services, intervention programs for gangs and high risk youth, wellness programs within schools and community clinics and supported military families during war time. She also studied Public Health at San Diego State University. 

After her successful stint in California, she then found herself in New York, where Diane helped healthcare franchise owners and executives purchase and build  companies across the country. These organizations served children, adolescents, and adults. Shifting her focus to becoming a mother, traveling was put on hold, and she was contacted by Merrill Lynch. They offered her a position in Wealth Management. 

As a Financial Advisor, Diane quickly picked her niche of entertainers and athletes. NFL players often find themselves bankrupt after their short-term football opportunities end. She knew someone who sold his Super Bowl ring for a place to stay and a meal, so this niche felt natural. When she told her peers that she wanted to focus on professional athletes, her peers reminded her that there are 60,000 financial advisors in the country who would all like to focus on athletes and not to waste her time trying. She then dedicated five hours a week for two years to interviewing NFL coaches, owners, and retired players on the best way to manage money for professional athletes. Shortly after, Diane was one of 300 Financial Advisors approved by the players union (and the first woman) to manage money for players. She also taught classes to NFL teams around the league. This experience was challenging and fun for Diane, but a great opportunity to help young clients reach their lifelong goals during and after professional sports. It was a lesson in following dreams, regardless of the challenges and status quo.

Prior to joining the Board of Athena Racing, Diane took a 2 ½ year “interim” position as a hospital development director. She led a team that transitioned a construction site to a 56-bed hospital which became accredited with a full patient census.

Diane knows the young ladies of Athena Racing will have as much to teach her about life as she may teach them. Unlimited potential all around!                  

teachings of a Mentor


“In my teen years, every college I applied to rejected me, except one. 

The school looked at essays rather than grades. I wrote the most honest and transparent essay. The President of the college read it and invited me to an interview.  I was homeless at the time.  After a two-hour interview, the President gave me probationary scholarships which covered my tuition and room & board for two semesters to “prove” myself.  Four years later, after all my expenses were covered, I was tutoring science students, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in science, received top honors, and had a travel scholarship to the Middle East to represent American nurses among 92 countries.  I promised myself back then that I would always give back, focus on gratitude, know that everyone has potential, and value mentors who believe in others.”

-Diane Miller



I’ve had success in developing and growing businesses. As a national franchise director, I helped medical franchise owners grow their revenue from $10 million to $50 million within one year. As an administrator, I grew a healthcare company from $500k to $3 million while taking it from a conditional status to accredited. In my career as a financial advisor, my business grew from zero to managing $70 million within a few years through networking and referrals. 

As a board member of a non-profit organization, I worked with other members as we doubled the operating revenue to $100 million a year to support critically needed health services in New York. Most recently, as a hospital development director, I led a team to transition a construction site to a 56-bed hospital with accreditation and full census within 2 1/2 years. I also helped to implement the first disaster mental health services in Southern California in my 20’s. 



I believe in the potential of adolescents and young adults. Having opportunities and mentors can make all the difference in the direction of their lives. Combing learning essential life skills while forming relationships and having fun will leave a permanent and positive imprint.

I am most proud of my daughters. As a single mom, I’ve always viewed being their mom as a privilege. Being able to teach them the core values and ethics of being a caring and giving human has been at the forefront of our relationship. Likewise, it is an honor and privilege to be able to have that impact on our Athenians.



Well, I am not a racer; however, I did learn how to fly Cessnas while living in California.  Many of my friends were fighter pilots. I recently took up triathlons after beating breast cancer.  



Unrestricted multi state RN license

Trained / experience Red Cross Disaster Response Nurse.

Was NFL PA registered Financial Advisor (One of 300 in the country, first female).

Series 7, 63 and Insurance licensed while working in Finance.

Fiduciary role within non-profit organizations.

Was certified in crisis response when working with high-risk children and adults.