Derron was born in London, England, and at an early age went to work for British Telecom while studying telecommunications. While working for British Telecom, he began to focus on building and customizing cars, and owned three classics. In the late ’80s, Derron left England and moved to Canada to further his career in the IT industry. Derron experienced much success in Canada and helped raised a family of two daughters and a son. His first hobby car in Canada was a 1973 MGB Roadster and rebuilt that car bringing many parts from England while visiting family and friends. 

After 23 years in Canada, he decided to move to California, primarily for work, car culture, and to provide better opportunities for his children. Derron and his wife live in San Diego. They have two daughters living and working in LA County, and a son who is a Junior at UC Santa Barbara who also plays Basketball for the Gauchos.

Derron is very much involved in various car communities and sharing his knowledge gained over many years. He also has a passion for teaching, sharing, and giving back to the community. He shares his over 35 years in the technology industry and focuses on developing young people in the tech industry and car enthusiast’s community.

teachings of a Mentor


“I enjoy teaching and sharing information and learning from others. My experience gained from interfacing with young students helps me both professionally and personally. It helps craft the correct messaging to make those who I interface with deal with life’s hurdles and move to a place of excellence.”

– Derron Cyrus



Since moving to a role that focuses on education and development, I have focused on diversity in engineering roles and enabling more women and people of color to enter the world of engineering. My involvement with Athena Racing allows me to share my professional experience, mechanical and electrical skills. My association with Athena Racing also will enable me to share my many stories of success at one of the largest technology companies in the world. This experience will help me to grow as an educator and mentor and give back to students.  


I am an expert in design, fabrication, and mechanical functions as related to building, customizing, and repairing cars. I also have extensive knowledge of electronics and electrical systems, including automobile computer programming. My experience gathered over 30 years has shaped me as an expert in many areas. I am also well versed in engaging people in stimulating discussions and bringing out their concerns and opinions.  


At Cisco, I have been driving technical excellence coupled with customer-focused sales strategies, and this has lead to great success positioning Cisco as my customer’s business partner. A key business component is customer trust, and I have written training courses and interfaced with many engineers and customers to fine-tune my trusted advisor status. I have created my brand around caring for others and serving them, and I have built an extensive network of engineers who I support through their path to excellence.  


Thirty-six years in the technology industry, in support and sales capacities. Eighteen years as a presales engineer (Cisco), selling and engineering Cisco’s IT solutions across multiple segments, focusing on customers’ business outcomes. For the past eighteen months I have been in a new role as a consulting engineer, creating and delivering sales training for engineers at many stages of the career. This position allows me to mentor and develop young engineers to understand how to determine their customer’s business needs and have longevity in a challenging industry.  


Chairman’s Club FY09 (200 of Cisco’s top performers) Sales Champion Hall Of Fame (Sales Champion three years back to back) Citation Of Excellence Americas Architectures and Engineering Sales (Developing and delivering System Engineering Training)  


Bondurant 2 Day – C7 Experience 24 Hours of Lemons – driver and team mechanic
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