If you have any questions about cars, Dave is the go-to man for answers! As a Service Manager at Toyota, he spent his 30-year career improving the customer experience. He started the New Owner Clinic in 1979 and set the program for other dealerships to use resulting in high customer satisfaction index success.

At 50 he retired from the dealership to pursue his dream of being an Automotive Journalist. For more than a decade, he has been the Automotive Consumer Host on KUSI TV educating the masses all about automotive consumer information and bringing new vehicles and charity automotive events and products to the San Diego viewer. He hosts the longest-running automotive and motorsports radio show in San Diego covering, local, regional and nationally motorsports.

teachings of a Mentor


“Athena Racing is important to help promote females in the automotive and motorsport industry. As an expert in Media, Radio and TV, I know that I can motivate the team to get the best out of them, and teach them communication skills and the ability to become a great interviewer.”

– Dave Stall



Interviewed top drivers and owners in the racing industry.



Service Manager for 30 years fixing dealerships with bad customer relations. 

Started the Toyota car care seminars being used today at Toyota Dealers.

Now have the longest-running automotive radio and TV segments. 

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Athena Racing is a STEM Education extracurricular program for young ladies in high school and gap year who are pursuing careers in the Automotive, Motorsports and Transporation industries.