Ready to Build?!?

All-Girls fabricator camp


We’re going to make the sparks fly this summer! Who’s ready to build?!?

You’re going to help us as we take a big pile of metal and parts and build a drifting trike.

It doesn’t matter where you live in the world as long as you have WiFi and a device. Sign up now! Our camp is online and starts July 1st!

100% free

100% online

100% fun

deadline to signup!








Build a drifting trike from a pile of parts and scrap metal

Meet a stunt driver, a LeMans winner, a designer!

Meet famous people from automotive & motorsports industries

Compete in fun contest with your friends at camp

To join us for the free, online, girls-only camp, complete the questions below. You will receive emails in the weeks leading up to the camp to remind you to get ready!  

Every Wednesday in July


From 9am to 1pm PST


All Classes Online

Deadline to sign up: June 28

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Athena Racing is a STEM Education extracurricular program for young ladies in high school and gap year who are pursuing careers in the Automotive, Motorsports and Transporation industries.