Cadillac LYRIQ

Meeting the Team Who Designed & Engineered the New Cadillac Lyriq

Swift and Silent, the Cadillac Lyriq is a remarkable novel car. In Athena Racing’s Land, Sea, and Air Camp, my fellow peers and I were allowed to speak with the Chief Engineer and Designer. We gained exclusive insight into the structure, capabilities, and assembly of the Cadillac Lyriq. Hearing the perspectives from some of the most superior and proficient workers for this automobile made the session learning about the car’s manufacture even more worthwhile, fascinating, and thought-provoking than I had anticipated.

The show car has an impressive grill, designed with a low overhang. The four wheels are pushed slightly more than usual towards the external center. The vehicle has a low roof and is mostly flat, making it more aerodynamic and faster to travel while driving. The method of lighting technology shines through the grill, which produces stunning visuals. On the surface part of the grill, the vehicle symbol attached to the cage possesses multiple microdetails, including cubes. The four cubes symbolize additional stairs, representing the company and car design of the Cadillac Lyriq, which is constantly improving successfully. I found this to be an amazing portrayal of the company’s growth mindset and how they strive to improve.

Furthermore, the Cadillac Lyriq is a vehicle incorporating battery use for driving and charging. General Motors uses Vera, an alias product that helps guide proof of concepts for the car. According to wikipedia proof of concept is a “Realization of a certain method or idea to demonstrate its feasibility or a demonstration in principle to verify that some concept or theory has practical potential. A proof of concept is usually small and may or may not be complete.” I believe transitioning to battery cars is so much more beneficial for the environment because there won’t be excess pollution from vehicles contributing to global warming.

The main goal for General Motors and the production of their show car is to immerse customers in the Cadillac experience. They aim to “Trigger emotional response using sight, sound, smell, touch, to express the brand in an artful way,” which presents the vehicle with a distinct personality. When displaying the Cadillac Lyriq as a luxurious car, it is crucial to showcase the features in an elegant manner.

While designing and manufacturing the car, various challenges occurred in the process of turning the prototype into a fully functional production vehicle. The necessity to make sure all the parts were manufacturable also posed an obstacle. Additionally, concerns such as whether all the instrument panel designs can get approved by General Motors and government regulations were problems. Engineers needed to take the design from the studio and enable them to meet government requirements such as safety, cost, mass, and internal and external look of the sketches.

Designers are very proud of the Slimline LEDs, which producers believe takes the Cadillac lighting to the next level. Speaking with the Chief Engineers and Designers allowed me to first-hand feel the excitement of producing such a unique vehicle and celebrate the achievements gained through the process. Athena Racing Camp participants were intrigued by the making of an automobile, the challenges that it went through, and the teamwork within the organization.

We look forward to seeing the Cadillac Lyriq out in the market!



ARTICLE WRITTEN BY: Zinia K, Land + Sea + Air Transportation Camp Attendee

Cadillac LYRIQ
Cadillac LYRIQ
Cadillac LYRIQ

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