Kathleen Bade


From hearing news anchor Kathleen Bade speak with us during Athena Racing FABcamp, I learned so much about the power of hard work and perseverance. Although Ms. Bade presented us with a lot of insightful wisdom, my favorite piece of advice she gave us was to make the best out of everything we get. Kathleen Bade shared some of her experiences during her news anchoring for the election, where her role was less important and more of a filler position. While most would complain and feel dejected, Ms. Bade explained how she kept her head high and made sure to make the best out of her short role. She continued to persevere and prove her worth, and in the end got a lead part in the next election presentation. I found this to be really inspiring, and her never-give-up attitude encourages me to make the best out of every situation. Ms. Bade also reminded us to never complain about our work, and instead be grateful. She explained that many managers get complaints from their employees, and get overloaded with so many people stressing them out. Instead of constantly complaining, it’s better to be grateful that you have the opportunity to work and can show your boss what you can do. I really enjoyed having Kathleen Bade as one of our guest speakers and I hope to hear from her again!


During her presentation about her life experiences, Mrs. Bade offered several pieces of advice that are applicable to any field.  My favorite insight from her speech was her first point: knowing yourself.  I think that this idea is applicable to life in general.  This is because if you know yourself, you know your strengths and weaknesses,  helping you build an education or career centered around yourself and in your best interest.  Also, knowing what does and doesn’t work for you can reduce your workload, as Ms. Bade explained.  She talked about experiencing high stress during her stay in Arizona State University, which was primarily caused by her taking the expected five courses in any college student’s life. To combat this stress, she took up courses during the summer.  I hope to follow this enlightening piece of advice to become and bring out the best version of myself.

Kathleen Bade


When Kathleen discussed her experiences in the news industry, her advice was helpful for me and I received helpful advice I can use in the career field. First of all, Kathleen explained that as a woman, it is important to have a job that is flexible and compatible with your outside life. This is important to me because it taught me how it’s important to have a balanced life where you can manage having a career and family. In addition, Kathleen explained that it is important to practice and prepare during her job, but also understands that it is impossible to be perfect. This is a helpful insight for me because she explains how it’s important to work hard and try your best without trying to be a perfectionist. Lastly, she explains that when discussing issues with others, it is important to offer a solution to the issue instead of only identifying the issue. This was helpful advice for me because I sometimes complain about issues without trying to resolve them. Kathleen’s advice helped me to be more attentive of myself when I deal with inconveniences and I will continue to apply this advice in the workfield.


My take-away from Kathleen Bade was her experiences from learning about public speaking and how it all came naturally to her. She said that she was wondering as to why it was all so difficult for everyone else. As someone who has difficulty speaking to others, especially on stage, I felt a sense of admiration for her. She gave tips to us and they all seemed so simple, as if it should have occurred to us. In a good way, of course. I just admire how she was able to go through this so easily and maybe I’ll be able to use her tips in the future.

Kathleen Bade


From Kathleen Bade, I learned to talk to people, not at them. I learned that in order to be successful when it comes to public speaking, it is important to know what you’re talking about thoroughly. Additionally, I learned that you should just try to be the best version of yourself and to not try to be someone else. Be willing to do more and keep learning, but don’t ever be a know it all. The thing I remember most, however, is that I should know my topic completely and to talk to/with people instead of talking at them.


One insight that I took away from Ms. Kathleen Bade was that it is okay to not be able to naturally speak perfectly in public. Being shy in home life does not mean that I have to be shy in public speaking. The “being shy” does not apply specifically to me, though the idea of not letting one of my qualities stop me from doing something is what I learned from Ms. Bade. One example that I can give is about flexibility. I am pretty flexible naturally, but this doesn’t mean I can just spread into splits and kick straight above my head! With practice, however, I can move towards reaching those goals. That being said, I absorbed the lesson that you don’t have to be something to do something, you can just try to do it, and you will get it after practice.

Kathleen Bade


There were a lot of takeaways from our discussion with Kathleen Bade. One of my favorites was that in public speaking, the speaker should not talk at the audience, but rather talk to them. Another one is that no matter how little of the pie you get, you need to make it shine. It means that even if you only get a small position, you need to be so good at it, that you still shine. Something else she spoke about was being human. You don’t have to be robotic and absolutely perfect, in fact, that makes you less interesting as a public speaker. Be human when you make a mistake it is fine. Another thing is that you should know your topic very well and be able to speak without a script. If you are on a script, even if you forget one word it will throw you off. If you speak without a script, however, you will improvise as you go and won’t get stuck on that one word. Something else she mentioned is that do more not less. If someone asks you to help them out go ahead. The more you do the more valuable you become and that is part of making your slice of pie shine.