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Billy founded REGENT after years spent as an aerospace program manager, business development leader, and multidisciplinary aerospace engineer. He is experienced in leading all aspects of the aircraft development process – from business case studies, first napkin sketches and requirements definition; through trade studies, detailed performance analysis, and production; and culminating in flight test and tool validation.

During his time at Aurora Flight Sciences, Billy was responsible for developing new programs in vehicle design and technology maturation to support Aurora’s portfolio of future air mobility solutions. He additionally led technical program execution, financial management, and strategy for eVTOL aircraft programs; and worked as an air vehicle conceptual design engineer, leading sizing and performance modeling for the PAV eVTOL and authoring Aurora’s conceptual design code.

Billy holds a BS and MS from MIT’s AeroAstro program and continues to hold close relationships with the MIT community. As a passionate aerospace nerd, he spends his free time competing as an aerobatic pilot and participating in student outreach events.

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