How do your high school math, science, and technology classes apply to the automotive world? To motorsports? To racing? Are you ready to apply those theories and test them in real life?

Athena Racing is a one-year extracurricular program specifically for young ladies in high school who are interested in exploring the opportunities available in the automotive industry.

This program is not for the weak-hearted! It is similar to Olympian training. If you are selected for one of the ten coveted spots, you will have to commit to time away from friends and everyday goofing-off activities. However, the work will be worth it.

You will have ten education tracks that you will master over 12 months. Similar to Scouting’s Eagle Scout designation, but with one exception, they have years to complete the work. We do it in one!

This extracurricular program will pave your way to the college and career of your choice. You will be mentored by ten different experts each month during our training weekend. You will get to explore behind-the-scenes tours at companies who are leaders in the automotive and transportation industries. Moreover, you will become a polished speaker who is comfortable in any social or press situation, as you will be the spokesperson for Athena Racing and your nonprofit of choice (yes, you will be paying it forward).

Do we have your attention yet? Are you ready to become an Athenian?

We will be accepting applications for the 2019-20 program during August. Make sure your application is in before the deadline of midnight on September 30, 2019!

How do you apply? Visit our 2019 Team page to view the criteria and expectations. Download the application questions and write your story. Create the faux post that you would use to announce that you made the team. Practice the video that you will post on Instagram – practice first, then post.

Think about your strengths and something unique you can bring to the team!

Our Athena Racing team will be “all for one and one for all” and the friendships you develop over this year will last you a lifetime.


Some of our team members will go on to a professional driving career; some will become engineers innovating ideas for future modes of transportation; some will become mechanics; some will be in the hot pits at Indy and F1; some will become a business leader in the transportation sector. However, all will know what it is like to drive, wrench, and do business in the motorsport world. All will be modern-day, Gen-Y, Renaissance women!

Here is what is required of you:
● Commit, unwaveringly, to the time required to be on the team.
● Commit to paying it forward to our community.
● Commit to maintaining a 3.0 GPA or better.
● Commit to leading by example.
● Commit to safety – in life, in driving, and at work.
● Commit to having fun!

Yes, this team will have a lot of fun together!

In your application, give examples of your interest in the automotive world:
● choosing to take auto shop classes at your high school
● your sanctioned racing experienced
● car clubs that you attend
● motorsport activities that you do
● how you have taken charge and created something automotive-related
● involvement in rebuilding your car
● motorsport activities you do with your family and friends

Show us how you have committed your curiosity to your passion!

Completing this application is similar to the college applications or job interviews that will be part of your future. Take the time and take it seriously. Highlight your strengths and share with us why you should be chosen.

There will be10 outstanding young ladies who will form the inaugural team. Will you be one of the ten on the first Athena Racing team?

On The Track

““It doesn’t cost any more to make something pretty.”                                  
– Sir William Lyons

Our Story

Championing Young Ladies Who Are Demolishing the Staus Quo!

“if you can dream it, you can do it.”

-Enzo ferrari