Team Applications Due by September 30!

Applications are currently being accepted for our inaugural 2019-2020 team, and those who have submitted are stellar! My expectations are being exceeded, and my excitement grows each time I read the background and future aspirations of the young ladies who wish to be on the team. You have heard me say, and write, that Athena Race is the breeding ground for those young ladies who will become “astronauts”…their future career titles and specialties yet defined. Every application I read confirms that.

The application process is lengthy and similar to what the students will be tasked with as they apply to their next step in education, whether it be a gap year, college, university, or apprenticeship program. Our interview process is just as extensive, with a full day of interviews, driving, and surprises. Those who are applying understand how vital this program is to their future and how their work will inspire young girls in elementary and middle school to follow their lead.

What Athena Racing provides is an extension to their education. A program that offers hands-on experience, face-to-face conversations with experts in transportation and business, behind-the-scenes views of what opportunities exist in these industries, and the chance to build a network of mentors and colleagues a decade before most even realize how important “who you know” is to a career. Their experience will be shared nationally and globally to inspire peers and younger students – opening other’s eyes and minds to the possibilities that lie ahead.

With the deadline looming at the end of this month, now is the time to get the word out. Do you know young ladies who are interested in STEM careers in the motorsports, automotive, aerospace and transportation sectors whether it be the path of an engineer, designer, driver, finance or business? If you do, let them know now! Our application is online. A 750-word essay and Instagram video are the two sections that require the most planning, thought, feedback, and assistance. A great weekend project for young ladies interested in this field. Hint, hint … there are only three weekends left to apply!

This program is a first in so many ways. The important call-to-action right now is to spread the word. Help us in this grassroots movement to reach as many young ladies as we can. Forward this information to all of your friends via email, text, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Time is of the essence! We need your help reaching the young ladies who will thrive by being involved in this program.


Loxley Browne
President, Board of Directors

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