In February, our team was very lucky to have received the award for Outstanding Engineering Project of the Year! Our night at the award ceremony was special and we were able to meet so many fellow STEM enthusiasts who received awards as well! Here are some amazing things that happened that night. 

For a little background, the San Diego County Engineers Council is a variety of different engineering organizations and any educational engineering corporations. Their mission is to promote their organizations to anybody interested in pursuing engineering as a career. By promoting their organization, they have been able to influence many people who are currently engineers or by raising awareness to those who are STEM enthusiasts. With their extensive knowledge, we were able to impress them with our fast growth. 

During the event, the team acted as reporters and posted what was going on at the ceremony. They saw other high school clubs who exhibited their robotics projects, organizations who focus on promoting women to pursue a job in STEM, and met so many influential engineers! Adeline and I attended a networking workshop where we learned not only how to gain the confidence to approach one another but also learned how to present ourselves in a way that would leave an impact.

When the awards were about to be presented, Loxley had each of us sit at a different table to meet different people and to network. My table was a group of engineers who worked with one of the companies who was sponsoring the event and they had such a wonderful bond with each other. Not only were they extremely intelligent and highly skilled in their fields but they all knew how to talk to each other and had such amazing chemistry. I had the amazing opportunity to talk to them about our program and how in the amount of time we have been together, we have accomplished amazing things. 

After the anticipation of watching others get their awards, we were finally called to the stage! All of our hard work was to be recognized by the community and to many influential people in our working area! I was not only excited but also nervous to see how many people who were in attendance at this ceremony.

I not only want to recognize the San Diego County Engineers Council for this generous recognition but to Loxley for her passion and determination to Athena Racing. With her drive, we are able to accomplish so much and there is still so much we have to experience. I also want to thank my fellow team members, because with them I have been able to experience learning about cars surrounded by an incredible team of young women.


“Creativity is the secret sauce to science, technology, engineering and math” – Anissa Ramirez


Written by Rosy Zuniga

“Opportunities don’t just happen, you create them.”

-Chris Grosser

Rosy Zuniga

Rosy Zuniga

Team Member & Spokesperson

Rosy’s positivity, smiles, and infectious laugh keep the team in high spirits. A high school senior, she is planning on pursuing an engineering degree without racking up the big student debt bill by working her way up from community college to a San Diego-based university. While her senior year isn’t like the typical year thanks to the coronavirus, she plans on having a productive summer interning with a local business in the engineering and R&D departments.