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Abby Hempy

Abby Hempy

Graduate Student at Michigan Technological University

I’d like to think that from an outsider’s perspective, any given day of my life might look like a scene from the movie Flashdance.

Welder by day, dancer by night.

In this case it might be a bit more expanded: engineering student by day, artist by night. I studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities and participated with Formula SAE for four years as a welder, cooling system designer, and Engine and Powertrain lead.

There, I participated in Ballroom Dance Club, hip-hop, and made time to work on sculpture in the arts quarter on the other side of campus. I am now continuing my education at Michigan Technological University in Mechanical Engineering emphasizing in power systems.

I enjoy progressing on my research and learning more about driveline in addition to painting, dancing, writing, sewing, and exploring… My newest project combines aspects of all my interests: Grassroots Motorsports $2,000 Challenge car.

I get a chance to fix up a 1998 528i BMW to be an artistic and competitive racecar.


Current Role Within Your Company

Graduate Student

In a Nutshell

 My day job consists of running tests and analyzing data on an instrumented torque converter and transmission for a graduate project sponsored by Ford. At any point during the day at the lab, you might find me welding fixtures, wiring connectors, scanning incoming data through five monitors outside my test cell, or, of course, troubleshooting!

Why I Got Into a Career in Motorsports

The question for me isn’t “what” got me into automotive, it is “who”. A janitor who could pass a 6G stick welding certification with his eyes closed, and a master auto-mechanic turned high school teacher. After signing up for auto-shop during my open hour my senior year of high school, these two men invested many hours helping me to learn about engines, welding, and general mechanical-tact. I credit them with fueling my passion and I credit Formula SAE for igniting it. I’m now in the process of applying to jobs around the country and considering a PhD.

Favorite Car(s)

1963 Cadillac Coupe DeVille

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