Racing Nickname:


STEM Career Pursuit:

“I am considering automotive engineering as a potential career to pursue, and being a member of Athena Racing is perfect for helping me determine if this is something I want to continue with in the future. Since we will be working on cars and their mechanics, I will get a firsthand experience and learn about what it takes to be an engineer.”

Athenian Characteristic: Strategy 

“I believe that the Athenian characteristic of strategy best fits me and the way I look at life. It fits perfectly into my personality, my opinion on life and what is most important to me as a person. To me, strategy is a plan or thought process on how to achieve certain goals, even when you’re unsure what to do. It is the thought process that counts especially if the strategy doesn’t work out in your favor. Strategies are also amazing for learning and development.”

Holds P2 position overall with 1,290 points


Racing Nickname:


STEM Career Pursuit:

I want to be an automotive engineer, and Athena Racing allows for me to get involved in the technological and mechanical sides of engineering.”

Athenian Characteristic: Courage 

“I believe you have the courage to try you can gain all of the other Athenian characteristics.  If you don’t dare to do something new, to look at something new, to reach for an opportunity how will you gain wisdom if you don’t have the courage to gain it.  You have to have the courage to have the strength to continue through difficult times or subjects because without courage you would quit at the first chance.  You have to have the courage in order to have a good strategy because with the will to try new things, how would you get an effective strategy to deal with life-changing.  And finally, when you do have the courage to gain wisdom, strength, and strategy you gain skills to aid you in moving forward in your life and give you opportunities beyond your wildest dreams.  And so due to my courage and will to never give up, I have gained all of the Athenian characteristics, but courage is my strongest one since it has given me the ability to reach all of the other characteristics.”

Holds P4 position overall with 1090 points


Racing Nickname:

LA Girl

STEM Career Pursuit:

“I’m interested in every aspect of this program. I would love to become successful in racing. Athena Racing is a one-of-a-kind program that gives me multiple options to see what I believe is the best fit for me.”

Athenian Characteristic: Wisdom 

“Wisdom best suits me due to the years of job experience I have in the automotive industry. I started off in the automotive industry with my dad when I was little. He would always ask me for help and as I grew older I grew an interest for cars so I decided to take a class in the ROP program that they provided at school. My mentor then taught me a lot more about cars and believed that I was one of his top students in his class and sent me to an award ceremony to receive multiple certificates of exceeding in my class. I was 16 and in high school when my mentor got me a job working at a body shop. I have worked with customers ever since. The first person they talk to when they are dealing with stressful and frustrating situations regarding their car.”

Holds P3 position overall with  1243 points


Racing Nickname:

Rosy Posy

STEM Career Pursuit:

“Maybe a job in engineering since trying to solve math problems has become so interesting to me. I hope this can help out the team by showing the mathematical part of racing on the track and how it could help the car we would drive go faster.

Athenian Characteristic: Strength 

“When I was younger and would watch cartoons or movies of superheroes saving the day, I was amazed by how strong they were. I thought strength was someone who had big muscles and could lift heavy things. I only knew physical strength. When I became a teenager and I had to learn to be independent and responsible, I realized that being my own person meant I had to be strong mentally. Having the courage to do something that scares or hurts you is a way of being strong. 

I believe showing my strength and optimism have a positive effect on people’s lives.  It helps overcome the problems we face, it is something we gain through personal experience in life. We have to think we can overcome challenges and not just sit down and give up.

I still need to learn to realize my strengths and weaknesses so I can improve and be able to handle what life has to show me. I think you find different ways of being strong, mentally, emotionally and physically. No one could ever say they are strong and were never afraid of anything because the way to become someone who is strong and courageous is to face a hardship and build yourself up from that hardship or weakness. To be truly strong is to build self-confidence and the ability to help others who have trouble with finding it themselves.”


Holds P5 position overall with 1078 points


Racing Nickname:


STEM Career Pursuit:

“My passion is to focus on engineering mechanical systems, whether that’s within cars, rovers or the next spaceship. After high school, I plan to attend a four year university and get my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on Mechatronics (Robotics) and potentially a masters degree. At that point I will join the workforce as a Robotics or Mechanical Engineer, allowing me to work in the robotics, automation, aerospace or automotive fields.”

Athenian Characteristic: Strategy 

In reading about the greek goddess Athena during middle school, she has always been my favorite. The hidden leader, I admired her for always having a plan. Strategy was her leading feature, and I relate to her on that. Athena did not rely on pure intelligence — instead she used simple yet clever ways to solve problems. She used her strategy to combine all of her strengths into a wise goddess.

Similar to Athena, strategy has helped me get to where I am in life. I may not be the strongest, the fastest or the most clever, but my determination, commitment to my goals, my approach and my ability to get things done has helped me succeed. I believe that a well-planned and executed strategy can be more important than pure intelligence. This includes the soft-skills of effectively managing and communicating with people and having the drive, determination and commitment to see things through even when it’s a heavy workload. These traits are all part of strategy that I believe both Athena and I possess.

Strategy is a careful plan to achieve a goal together with the effective implementation of that goal. Strategy is also figuring out the best way to achieve a goal or implement a plan the most effectively. Strategy may not always be the most obvious plan, and may not always be a conscious plan but can also be what your brain is subconsciously deciding to do based on having the right knowledge and skills. Strategy can be key in tricky situations where pure strength or intelligence isn’t enough.


Holds P1 position overall with 1,542 points


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